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A new season at Hotel Torre del Mar: the ‘Other Ibiza’ awaits!

April 28, 2021 1:29 pm

Winter has flown by and a new season is just around the corner at Hotel Torre del Mar. The White Island is ready, packed with secrets waiting to be revealed. If you’re passionate about nature, the beach and outdoor sports, Ibiza has everything you could ask for on your dream holiday. This season, we’re inviting you on a unique trip to discover the lesser-known, extraordinary side of the island. Are you up for it?

Outdoor sports in Ibiza

Running, cycling, swimming… whatever sport you’re into, Ibiza is home to the best spot for getting out there and enjoying it. If you think you’ve seen everything, why not challenge yourself and try something new? How about windsurfing? The calm breeze on the island and the moderate waves of the Mediterranean make the island a truly unique destination to give this sport a go. But if that seems like a step too far, you can enjoy other sports such as kayaking or paddle surfing and explore some of the most stunning and secluded coves on the Pityusic Islands.

Nature at its purest

Ibiza is culture, tradition, gastronomy and fun… but above all, it’s embraced by nature at its wildest and purest. Lose yourself in pine and juniper forests, swim through dense Posidonia meadows (considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site), wander among the salt flats, take in the spectacular sunsets and explore the lesser-known side of the island: inland areas bursting with almond tree orchards. Enjoy the silence, only interrupted by the sounds of the wind and the occasional bird song, disconnect from your everyday life and reconnect with the essence of life itself. This season, Ibiza will treat us to its more unusual side, once again. Enjoy the peace, calm and good vibes characteristic of the Island and make the most of your holiday before heading home full of energy. The getaway you were after is much closer than you could ever have imagined.

Your holiday in Ibiza, as safe as possible

Your health and that of our team is our priority. At our installations, we employ all the necessary hygiene measures to ensure everyone is safe. Hotel Torre del Mar has therefore joined forces with a clinic to carry out antigen and PCR tests for all our clients using a special promotional code. For extra convenience, the health professionals will travel to the hotel to carry out the tests, so our guests won’t even have to leave the premises. All guests will receive their test results via email.

Don’t miss out on the chance to discover the ‘Other Ibiza’

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