Michelin-starred restaurants in Ibiza: the island’s gastronomic evolution

June 28, 2024 12:34 pm

Ibiza has undergone a remarkable evolution in recent years in the field of haute cuisine. Today, the island is not only a privileged tourist destination because of its natural beauty and recreational activities, but also because of its cuisine. Ibiza has five Michelin-starred restaurants, reflecting its gastronomic excellence and diversity. If you are passionate about good food, take note of these restaurants and do not hesitate to make your reservation!

UNIC: tradition and innovation just a stone’s throw from the Hotel Torre del Mar – 1,5 km

Foto: Unic Restaurant Ibiza

As its name suggests, UNIC Restaurant is a unique culinary experience, where diners can discover the essence of the island through a cuisine that fuses tradition and the avant-garde. Chef David Grussaute is passionate about local produce, collaborating with small producers, livestock farmers and fishermen’s guilds, and defines his philosophy as “local by conviction”. This approach has led UNIC to be awarded a Michelin star, standing out for its seafood flavours intermingled with French recipes that do not lose an ounce of quality or freshness.

Omakase by Walt: an intimate and exquisite gastronomic experience – 7,6 km

Foto: Luana Failla | White Ibiza

In downtown Ibiza town, Omakase by Walter stands out for its unique Japanese cuisine. Chef Walter Sidoravicius has perfected his culinary art in Tokyo and at the Basque Culinary Center. At his restaurant, guests are greeted simultaneously and enter the restaurant together, where they can closely observe the chef’s meticulous work while he prepares a tasting menu exclusively for them. This experience provides an indulgent journey through the exquisite flavours of this Japanese sushi bar.

La Gaia by Óscar Molina: haute cuisine and local produce – 4,4 km

Foto | Tapas Magazine

Botafoc Ibiza is home to the exclusive La Gaia restaurant, where chef Óscar Molina has created culinary offerings that pay homage to the island’s local produce, fusing it with haute cuisine. Awarded a Michelin star, this restaurant offers a sensory journey that appeals to all five senses, transcending gastronomy to offer an unbeatable immersive experience.

Es Tragón: innovation and sustainability in San Antonio – 19,9 km


Es Tragón, in the municipality of San Antonio, was the first restaurant on the island to receive a Michelin star in 2019 and has also been awarded a green star for its commitment to sustainability. Chef Álvaro Sanz leads a team that works in collaboration with biologists from the Biotechnological Botanical Park of Ibiza to bring back native plants and produce water from the atmosphere. His cuisine stands out for the research of local traditions and the use of sustainable ingredients, making Es Tragón a benchmark in organic haute cuisine.

Etxeko Ibiza: the mastery of Martín Berasategui – 22,7 km

Foto: Tapas Magazine

Cala Nova (Es Canar) is home to Etxeko Ibiza, where renowned chef Martín Berasategui fuses cuisine from San Sebastian with Mediterranean flavours. This Michelin-starred restaurant offers a culinary experience that combines technical excellence with a passion for local ingredients, creating dishes that delight the senses and celebrate the richness of both cuisines.

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