Six key ingredients to organising a successful event in Ibiza

October 28, 2022 12:37 pm

Thinking about organising your next corporate event in Ibiza? The Isla Blanca makes a truly special setting for any type of meeting, trade fair or conference. But of course, there are a number of factors that you’ll need to bear in mind. More than 40 years’ experience organising social and corporate events make us the perfect choice for disclosing the key elements to ensure your event is an unalloyed success. Take a look!

Objective of the event

Disseminating a new product or service, showcasing the results of particular accounting period, improving the relationship between members of a team… It’s essential to ensure that the objectives of your event are extremely well defined. It’s only if you’re crystal clear about them that you can implement the right strategies to achieve your goals.

Coordinating the arrival of attendees

One crucial thing you need to think about when it comes to organising your event in Ibiza is the coordination of transport and arrivals. This is especially true if the attendees are coming from a variety of starting points. Coordinating flight times so that everyone turns up at more or less the same time will be essential if you’re to stick to the programme schedule.

Finding accommodation

People unfamiliar with Ibiza often have the (mistaken) notion that the island is so small it hardly matters where the attendees are staying. This could prove a serious blunder. Our recommendation is to choose a place with good transport links, but above all one that is near to where the event will be held. It’s also advisable to choose population centres that are easy to get to, like the town of Ibiza itself.

Transport for attendees

When organising an event in Ibiza you’ll need to lay on some form of transport for the participants. Transfer services, buses, taxis and hire cars can all be arranged. Choosing one over another will largely depend on the number of people attending your event. Don’t leave it to the last minute! This aspect can be a key factor in keeping your guests happy.

Plan B

Fine weather is virtually guaranteed if you’re organising an event in Ibiza (especially if it takes place in spring, summer or autumn), so the ideal option may be to hold it outdoors. Having said that, we always recommend that you have a “plan B” up your sleeve, just in case the weather takes a turn for the worse at the last moment.


This is one of the main factors in ensuring the success of your event, regardless of where it’s being held, and of course the same holds true for Ibiza: partnering with the finest professionals. You can depend on the venues offered by DMC, who know the island inside out: whether it’s hotels and restaurants specialising in MICE tourism, transport companies or audiovisual technicians, they’re your go-to partners!

Interested in organising your event in an incomparable setting, a stone’s throw away from Ibiza town and facing the Mediterranean? Contact us!

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