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An interview with Carlos Pena, chef at the Miramar Restobar

May 28, 2022 5:01 pm

The Venezuelan chef Carlos Pena (born in 1993) is in charge of the kitchens at the Miramar Restobar, where this year he has created an innovative offering of fusion cuisine, which combines his Latino-Italian roots with everything he has learnt over the course of his career and his numerous journeys around the world. In this interview he talks about his passion for cooking and recommends some suggestions you must be sure to try at the Miramar Restobar.

How long have you been working at the Hotel Torre del Mar?

This year is my fourth season at the hotel.

How has your work evolved in that time?

As with any stage in one’s career, I’ve had the chance to continue growing, to learn and share my experience with my colleagues. This year we’re going one step further, creating a menu packed with experiences, journeys and flavours.

Where does your passion for cooking come from?

The passion for cooking’s born at home, it goes back to my childhood under my mother’s influence and her fusion of Venezuelan and Italian flavours. As time went by, it gave way to a need to find out more about this limitless place that is the world of cuisine.

How did you learn to cook?

When I was still a teenager it was clear to me that if I was passionate about anything it was cooking. With a good foundation already laid at home, I decided to study the subject formally. For two years I trained as a professional, but undoubtedly one of the greatest challenges and a major learning period was having my own restaurant at the age of just 20. Over the years that followed I’ve continued learning with each project. I believe that one of the most special things about cooking is that we’re in a constant process of learning.

How would you describe the menu that you’ve devised for the Miramar restaurant? What inspired you?

It’s a menu that offers signature and modern fusion cuisine. You’ll also find adaptations of dishes with a distinctive personal touch. I’ve mainly been inspired by my roots and my travelling, from which a blend of South American and Asiatic flavours have emerged. The incorporation of various chillis, herbs and fruit lends unique flavours, which provide the foundation for the entire menu.

How does the Miramar restaurant menu change from midday to evening?

The only common factor is that both are made with high-quality ingredients and each dish is packed with flavour. Having made that point, it could be said that the lunchtime menu is geared towards casual food of very high quality while the dinner leans more towards gourmet cooking, with signature dishes that pay the utmost attention to every detail to create unique experiences.

Which dishes do you recommend we try?

An interview with Carlos Pena, chef at the Miramar RestobarI’d recommend trying a different one every day, but if I had to pick some out I’d recommend the sea bass ceviche with leche de tigre marinade, the fried arepas, the croquette of Ibizan sobrassada sausage, the tuna tataki, the Jamaican-style chicken, the cod marinaded in miso and, without a shadow of a doubt, my favourite: the risotto with truffles and tuna carpaccio. And because there’s no better finale than a good dessert, you must try them! In particular, the tarta tres leches cake and the aromatic sopa de coco.

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