Ruta gastronómica por Ibiza

Culinary route around Ibiza: discover the island’s typical cuisine

November 13, 2019 11:20 am

In Ibiza food lovers will find numerous local products and typical dishes to delight their taste buds. This is why today we’re suggesting a delicious culinary route around Ibiza. Will you join us?

Ibiza’s cuisine is based on local ingredients. Traditional recipes are slow-cooked, with meat like free-range chicken, Ibizan lamb and Ibizan black pig (a native breed of pigs from the Balearic Islands), fish including grouper, four-spot megrim, scorpion fish, dentex; seasonal fruit and vegetables, including potatoes, tomatoes and cereals such as xeixa wheat.

Culinary route around Ibiza: dishes a foodie should try:

Sobrassada: Ibizan sobrassada (a raw, cured sausage) is one of the island’s authentic culinary delights. It tends to be served with a slice of traditional Catalan bread and, unlike other sobrassadas, the Ibizan style isn’t a spread: it’s cut into slices. It’s made with various spicy lean meats, salt and pepper and then it’s macerated for months. 

Pork rice (arroz de matanzas): a dish using meat from a pig slaughter, which tends to take place in November or December. In addition to pork, this soupy rice contains ingredients like saffron milk caps, chicken, white beans and cinnamon. 

Ruta gastronómica por Ibiza

Fish stew: this is one of Ibiza’s most popular dishes. It is made with the fish of the day: San Pedro four-spot megrim, grouper, red scorpion fish, etc. which is boiled and served with aioli and cooked potatoes. Yet many would agree with us that the ‘A Banda’ rice eaten as a ‘second’ course and cooked in boiled fish broth is the best. 

Fried pork: this dish is perfect for eating in winter with a great red wine. It’s cooked with renowned Ibizan black pork: ribs, belly and loin, which is sugar coated and salted in a frying pan with red and green pepper, milk-caps and Ibizan patató potatoes, in addition to other ingredients. 

Borrida de ratjada: (ray with sauce): one of the most common ways to find ray in Ibizan restaurants is with sauce. Peppers, potatoes and almonds are some of the tasty ingredients used in the sauce.  

Ruta gastronómica por Ibiza

If on your next trip to the White Island you try one of these dishes, don’t forget to top it off by trying a typical Ibizan dessert, such as flaó pastry, graixonera pudding, tortell pastry, Ibizan ‘payes’ muffins and Ciriaco: a dessert only made on the 8th of August (day of San Ciriaco, the patron saint of Ibiza). And of course, don’t get up from the table without having a shot of Hierbas de Ibiza, the island’s most famous liqueur. 

We hope this culinary route around Ibiza has whetted your appetite. The Guest Experience team at our hotel at Playa d’en Bossa is available to recommend the best restaurants on the island to you. 

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