Mejores rutas senderistas de ibiza

The 5 best trekking routes in Ibiza

September 23, 2021 5:08 pm

One of the most interesting ways of getting to know the island is to explore it on foot. There are so many routes for trekking in Ibiza, as well as groups that maintain them, if you prefer to share the experience with other people. We will now look at some of the best trekking routes on Ibiza. Don’t forget to pack your trainers in your luggage!

From Sant Josep to Sa Talaia: the highest point on Ibiza


This route, which is far from difficult, is really spectacular in both the path it takes and the views you can see from the top. The route sets out from the town of Sant Josep and takes us to the highest point on Ibiza, Sa Talaia, at 475 metres above sea level. The path is clearly indicated: follow the signs and walk on up to the peak.

River path of Santa Eulalia


This route covers barely 3 kilometres and is perfect for the first trekking experience in Ibiza. You will stay close to the river of Santa Eulàlia (the only one in the Balearic Islands) at all times and see plenty of countryside all around you. It is an impressive setting that encourages you to just relax and enjoy the moment. There are several points of interest to discover on the route, like Puig de Missa, the Old and New Bridges, the Santa Eulalia River Interpretation Centre, Can Planetes and the Ethnographic Museum of Ibiza.

From Portinatx to cala Xarraca

Foto: Actualidad Viajes

This trekking route, which is 10 kilometres long, runs around the coast, taking you to visit the pretty bays that are scattered along the way and see some of the most impressive natural landscapes of the island.

From San Antonio to cala Salada


This route is suitable to all types of walkers, as you can make it as long or as short as you want. You can start the route at the port of San Antonio. From here, you find yourself on a path that takes you along the coast, with views of the islet of Sa Conillera. It will take you to the most popular place in Ibiza to sit down and contemplate the sunset. After this, you will come to Calò del Moro and then the Cueva de las Langostas, where there is the Cap Blanc Aquarium, before finally arriving at cala Gracio and cala Gracioneta. If you decide to carry on walking, you will come to cala Salada, San Foradada, Cap Nono and eventually, if you have the stamina, to the rocky Punta Galera.

Route of cala Aubarca

Foto: Pinterest @Onna Ibiza

One of the most rewarding trekking routes in Ibiza is the one that leads to cala Aubarca, one of the most secluded and least known beaches on the island. Close to its lowest point, suspended some 20 metres above sea level, there is a natural wonder in the form of a natural rock bridge, carved by the wind and sea, offering a truly spectacular image. You can complete the route with a visit to San Mateo, a charming, historic little town.

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