deportes acuaticos ibiza paddle surf

Water sports around Ibiza: guaranteed fun in the sea

August 12, 2021 3:11 pm

If you’re one of these people who get to the beach and spend the entire day in the sea, you’re sure to enjoy Ibiza. The beaches on Ibiza, with their crystal-clear water and fine sand, constitute an authentic paradise for lovers of aquatic activities. This is without even mentioning the pleasant water temperature, which during the hottest months is conducive to spending long spells in the sea.

Take advantage of your next trip to the Isla Blanca to get yourself in shape while having some fun dabbling in one of these water sports on the Ibizan coast:

Paddle surfing

deportes acuaticos ibiza paddle surf

This is one of the most popular water sports around Ibiza, and it’s little wonder. Paddle surfing is one of the most complete physical activities there is because devotees of the sport exercise virtually their entire bodies. As well as being great fun, it’s a unique way of discovering some of Ibiza’s hidden-away coves and inlets. Fancy giving it a try? You can hire your board at many of the island’s beaches and coves, Playa d’en Bossa being a prime example.


kayak deportes acuaticos ibiza

A fun alternative for enjoying the aquatic activities around Ibiza is kayaking: a perfect sport for the most adventure-minded among you, who’ll get the chance to explore hard-to-reach caves and go for the odd dip in some of the Mediterranean’s most impressive natural harbours. Like paddle surfing, this is a sport that you can do alone, with a partner, or in a group; what’s more, you’ll find places with equipment for hire dotted all around the island.

Diving and snorkeling

Deportes acuáticos Ibiza: snorkel y buceo

Fancy the idea of entering a parallel universe? You’ll find just that by immersing yourself in the waters of the Mediterranean. Swimming in the dense meadows of Neptune grass and observing hundreds of marine species in their natural habitat is an indelible experience you’ll never forget. If you’d like to take the plunge into the wonderful world of diving, Ibiza is home to numerous diving schools. But if you prefer you can get a preliminary feel by having a go at snorkeling off Ibiza’s shoreline.


Windsurf: deportes acuáticos en Ibiza

Ibiza’s beaches, with their moderate waves and gentle sea breezes, offer ideal conditions for first-time windsurfers. After a few lessons, you’ll notice your adrenaline levels shooting off the scale as you glide over the waves at full speed. An ideal sport for any age, it can be picked up at any of the island’s several windsurfing schools.  


Deportes acuáticos en Ibiza: vela

Would you like to learn to handle a sailing boat? With only the wind to push you along, you’ll learn the skills you need to move around on the water. Whether you’re attracted by the relaxation on offer or your ambition is to take part in a regatta one day, Ibiza’s coastline boasts fantastic conditions for sailing, as well as numerous sailing schools.

That’s it for our small selection of aquatic activities around Ibiza. Apart from these, if you want to get some exercise while on holiday don’t miss our article about some of the best open-air sports you can try on the island. May the fun times never end!

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